Pets of the Mechanic

November 16, 2017

Pets of the Mechanic
Like most families, we have had several four-legged children. Over our 20+ years of marriage, we have
shared our bed with a variety of dogs and cats. And while the breed of animal is typical (all our pets have
been rescue animals), the NAMES of our pets give a pretty big hint as to our profession. Let me
introduce our four-legged family (sadly, most have crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” to Pet Heaven):
Our first pet soon after marriage was Portia (I named her after a character from Shakespeare). It soon
became apparent that her name was meant to be spelled Porsche, because of how sleek and quick she
We realized Porsche needed a friend and we brought Bertone home. I didn’t know that there was such a
car designer, but the obscurity of the company matched the peculiarity of “Bert.” (He once got lost in
our front yard for 2 days after escaping the house)
When the kids asked for a dog, we found a lab-husky mix with fur that reminded us of wood grain. Thus,
Woody Stationwagon became a member of our family. Just like our kids, he knew he was in trouble if we
used his whole name.
Due to friend’s relocation to a “non-dog” residence, we gained a black lab named Calypso. Immediately,
we knew that name wouldn’t work. She soon answered to Caddy, short for Caddy-Lac.
After Porsche and Bertone crossed The Rainbow Bridge, the house felt empty without the sound of
meowing. We went to the local animal shelter and brought home Skye, a cat black as the night sky. She
quickly became Skylark because, at this point, why ruin the tradition?
After Caddy’s death, we knew that Woody needed a canine buddy, so we searched for a friend. An
online adoption site had an elderly hound named Shelby and we were positive that fate had found us
another furry child. Unfortunately, her hunting dog habits were too firmly rooted, and we were not
suited to be her forever home.
Last, but not least, is our one deviation from this car-lot of pets: Dewey. But Dewey still has an
automotive heritage: he was found stuck in the drink machine at our shop when one of our techs tried
to get his morning dose of greenish carbonated caffeine. So although Dewey’s name doesn’t carry on
the family tradition, his entry into our family is most certainly vehicle-related.
We are currently in search of another dog (we recently lost Woody). I’ve suggested that instead of
getting a dog and naming it after a car, why not get an pet who has a car named after it? But I can’t
seem to convince my family to adopt a Stingray, a Mustang, or a Jaguar…..