Mother’s Day- Mechanic Style

August 22, 2016


Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day…. There are plenty of gift-giving opportunities in the life of a wife and mother. Most all of us have received our share of frying pans, vacuums, and bowling balls as “it-made-me-think-of-you” gifts. But when you are the wife/ mother of the children for a mechanic, “thinking about you” gifts can take on a whole new meaning.

I’ll admit, I was thrilled with the garden cart I received last year for Mother’s Day. It had a hitch to attach to the lawnmower, pneumatic tires, and could carry over 1000 pounds AND dump. It made moving mulch easier; I enjoyed using it while gardening and pulling my nephews around the yard.

But some of the other gifts…. Well, I’ll let you decide:

  • Tires- every vehicle needs them and they can be expensive. But being given tires from a mechanic is kind of like getting a new sink from a plumber.
  • High performance brakes- I confess: I am not a great driver and I do tend to hit my brakes more often than the average Minivan Mom. Do I want to commemorate my less-than-awesome driving habits with a gift? (P.S. The supplier said I was the first minivan he’d heard of getting them)
  • Shocks and Struts- (This was for Valentine’s Day) Again, needed and potentially expensive, but not the most romantic choice.
  • Floor mats- I approved of this one- it made a big difference in the upkeep of the van’s interior.
  • Mini air compressor- This was not for an occasion; he saw it and thought I would like it for the

    van. (I mostly use it to inflate the kids’ bicycle tires)

    Don’t get me wrong, I have received a few “traditional” gifts- flowers, jewelry and once, perfume. My husband has the potential for romantic gifts, but in his words, “No matter how pretty the flowers are, they’re going to die before stuff for your car.”