Married to a Mechanic

August 22, 2016

9048262Welcome to A.C. Tire’s blog, to be known as “Married to a Mechanic.” I figured there are plenty of blogs out there that talk about car care, classic cars, automobiles and the like. But there isn’t much out there about what is learned LIVING with a gearhead/ auto repair shop owner. It is a mixture of joy and stress (sounds like any other marriage) but also includes a dose of grease and oil and the occasional car part in the living room. As this website grows and evolves, hopefully this blog will become educational, inspirational, or at least entertaining. Some of my ideas for upcoming posts include: things on your car that only a mechanic’s wife would notice, what to expect when you come to the shop, what I do while there, and the first post- what does A.C. Tire stand for, anyway???
Please check in and comment periodically (I am going to aim to post at least once a week- maybe more if the “muses” inspire or I get a request to address something (hint hint). I am often wordy in my writings, so feel free to comment on my style/ length of posts. (And if you EVER find a spelling or grammatical error. I insist on you commenting, as mistakes are a pet peeve of mine, and I will want to immediately remedy it!)